Artell Dental Center

Located to the North of Mexico in Nuevo Progreso, Artell Dental Center remains deeply committed by all means to offer their clients dental services that are second to none. The clinic takes into account the need to present the clientele with very high quality services. 
While enjoying the top notch services at the facility, the patients do not have to spend all their cash here, since the costs for various services are fairly discounted.
Irrespective of one’s age, gender or status, Artell Dental Center is keen to engage the patients in the New Patient Consultation and Evaluation. The evaluation program is geared towards creating a total oral profile and a progressive plan in resolving all issues at hand.
To this end, the clinic remains committed to attending to all the dental concerns of its patients, ranging from general dentistry and cosmetics, to other specialized treatments as the case may be.
Opening hours: 
Mon  8:00 -   6:00pm
Tue  8:00 -   6:00pm
Wed  8:00 -   6:00pm
Thu  8:00 -   6:00pm
Fri  8:00 -   6:00pm
+1 9563692910

Artell Dental Center

Av. Benito Juarez # 522
Nuevo ProgresoTamaulipas 88810
Latitude: 26.058001
Longitude: -97.950798

Average:4.1 (15 votes)
Number of dentists: 
Payment options: 
Credit cards

Dentist Consultation
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