Dental Max Clinic

We are a team of professionals in different areas of dentistry who have come together to establish in our state, a clinic with a dental insurance system that makes affordable dental care in different specialties. With this system we treat our patients get the benefits of a comprehensive dental care with preventive and corrective treatments first level, using the best quality materials, leaving behind the idea that dental health is a luxury for the few.
The system of care policy aims to provide the patient and their family, the safety of annual cover preventive dental treatments, emergency query access, first level corrective treatments (resin fillings, amalgam, and extractions), treatments prosthetic and orthodontic aesthetic with discounts up to 50% and affordable payment plans.
So we've made ​​different types of plans that fit the needs of each patient.
Opening hours: 
Mon  8:00 -   6:00pm
Tue  8:00 -   6:00pm
Wed  8:00 -   6:00pm
Thu  8:00 -   6:00pm
Fri  8:00 -   6:00pm
+52 7772437821

Dental Max Clinic

Mazatepec 201 Col. Reforma
CuernavacaMorelos 62260
Latitude: 18.939400
Longitude: -99.222801

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Number of dentists: 
Payment options: 
Credit cards
Payment plans

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Dentist Consultation
Endodontist Consultation
Orthodontist Consultation
Periodontist Consultation

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